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How To Make a Dog Agility Course In The Back Yard

Whether you are looking to keep them entertained between walks or simply looking for fun and creative ways to exercise your dog, then you might want to try agility training. Before we get into the detail, it's also worth noting that if your dog has joint stiffness, to take it easy or to avoid certain high impact exercises that are stated below, particularly those that focus jumping.

Agility training adds a variety of outdoor exercise sessions and provides mental stimulation for your pooch. In this guide, we show you how to make a dog agility course in your back yard - think doggy hurdles, walk-through tunnels, weaving posts and tire jumps! And the best part is, you may have the materials and equipment to build your DIY agility and obstacle course laying around the house already, so there’s no stopping you and your furry friend! You could be on your way to compete in no time…

What is a dog agility course?

Dog agility is a competitive sport where a dog is directed through an obstacle course, often run by dedicated organizations like The American Kennel Club (AKC). The aim is for your pooch to complete the course as accurately and as quickly as possible. A dog agility course is an obstacle course designed to test your dog's agility with different challenges - from jumping through tires to weaving through posts.

Preparation is key

There are a few things to remember before you begin creating your own dog agility course. You need to make sure that you have enough space for each section of the course - and extra space surrounding it - for your dog to complete the trick. Anything you build, doggy hurdles for example, should be easily broken down so that your dog doesn’t strain or injure themselves while practising. Be sure to use lightweight materials when creating jumps, just in case, and you may want to stock up on treats to reward a good session.

Jumping obstacles

Boarder Collie jumping a doggy jump in an agility course for YuMOVE US.

If your dog is new to agility training, then jumping is a great first activity to teach them. Dogs sometimes jump when they play or may occasionally enjoy jumping up on the sofa, so this is a fun way to expand on something they already know how to do physically, but training their minds as well.

You can create a dog jumping obstacle course using almost anything within the home, as long as the obstacles are soft and collapsible. You want to look for something like a curtain pole, a broom or PVC pipes, which can be placed on top of boxes or slotted into a laundry basket to create beginner jumps for your pooch.

Perhaps you have a hula hoop laying around that the kids aren’t playing with? Simply hold the hoop at the desired height and signal your dog to jump through the other side. You may need treats for extra persuasion during the early stages of training!

The best way to set up a jumping obstacle is with adjustable levels, so that you can easily lower or raise the height depending on the level your dog is learning.

Ramp it up

One of the competition agility course features you might have seen before is doggy ramps. Ramps can be great fun for your dog, and also tests their agility! You can create your own ramp with old wood and a solid base. Some thick, wide plywood and a couple of concrete bricks can make a simple ramp for your dog to race up and down. Always ensure that the ramp is safe, sturdy and can withstand your dogs weight before using it.

Doggy Tunnels

There are many options for creating a dog tunnel with household items. Do the kids have play tunnels they've outgrown? Or maybe an empty cardboard box which you could cut the ends from?

If your dog is new to agility training, then tunnels can be daunting. When teaching your dog any new trick, the key is to be encouraging! Try getting on your hands and knees and go through the tunnel yourself. Once your dog sees that the tunnel is not threatening in any way, they will follow suit. You could also try placing treats throughout the tunnel to encourage your pup to pass through.

Weaving obstacles

You can also add dog weaving obstacles. These are a great way to provide mental and physical stimulation for your dog. Plus, this is one of the easiest sections to make at home.

From orange training cones and excess PVC, to old shoes or a beach bucket - you can use anything to create your weaving course, as long as it is lightweight and won’t fall over whilst your dog is running through.

Training cones make a perfect weaving activity for your dog obstacle course, just put them out in a line with 24 inches in between. Or you can plant lightweight poles in the ground (making sure they are solid) in a snake-like pattern so that your dog understands the weaving motion to pass through those obstacles.

You can practice weaving with your dog by walking them through the course on a lead first, rewarding them when they complete the task. Or you could hold out a treat for them as you walk through the course yourself, encouraging them verbally to follow the treat through the obstacles. Be sure to use consistent verbal or hand commands when training so that your pooch will associate your commands with the actions you are asking of them.

Want to make things a little more fun? Change up the obstacle course as your dog gets used to the activities and masters them. This will continue to encourage them to think, respond and learn. You can add in extra features to your canine obstacle course, such as a paddling pool which your dog has to retrieve a floating toy from - especially while it's heating up outside!

So there you have it, a few quick and easy ways to set up an agility course at home. However you decide to set up your course, your dog will enjoy the fun and challenging elements, as well as the extra time bonding with their owner. Looking for more fun and creative ways to exercise your dog? We’ve got you covered..