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How YuCALM Can Help Support Calm Behavior

How YuCALM Can Help Support Calm Behavior

For caring dog owners who understand the emotional ups and downs our pets face, adding our YuCALM supplement to their routine can make a difference to their lives. Our furry friends, much like us, can feel stressed during travel, separation, or as a result of loud noises like fireworks or storms. Here, we delve deeper into what can cause nervousness, and the benefits and ingredients of YuCALM for helping manage your dog’s worries and promote relaxation…

Understanding what makes our dogs feel worried

While certain events may seem routine to us, they can cause stress in our canine companions. Recognizing these stressors is essential in helping our dogs navigate their daily challenges. Here's what to look out for:

  • Because they are inherently social, dogs often feel nervous when apart from their families.
  • Routine is comforting for dogs, so new settings, unexpected faces, or sudden changes can unsettle them.
  • Their acute hearing means dogs can be easily startled by loud sounds like fireworks, thunder, or blaring music.
  • Journeys or trips can unsettle dogs, as they deviate from the familiar comforts of home.
  • The strange ambiance and odors at the veterinarian clinic can be overwhelming for many dogs.

Why choose YuCALM for your nervous dog?

YuCALM Calming Soft Chews is a calming formula developed with scientifically studied ingredients.* It helps support calm behavior in your dog and promote relaxation, in a tasty soft chew your pup will love. This high-quality calming supplement has been developed for dogs who are fearful of triggers like fireworks, storms, other dogs, strangers, travel or being left alone. By supporting the natural pathways in the brain, our unique targeted formula has been developed to be given daily to help manage everyday stress and help your dog behave more calmly.

How do the ingredients help support calm behavior?

  • Lemon balm helps your dog feel more relaxed, promotes calmer behavior, and helps to manage stress from normal environmental triggers.
  • The specific combination of GABA Fermentate Blend and L-Arginine helps to maintain the calming pathways in the brain and support relaxation.
  • L-Tryptophan supports the body’s production of the calming compound, serotonin.
  • The special blend of fish peptides supports your dog’s brain, helping calming signals find the right spot.

Knowing what stresses your dog helps us care for them better. The more we learn, the more we can help. We believe that with the right care, patience, and a little help from YuCALM, your dog will be on their way to behaving more calmly and navigating life's troubles with ease.

Is your dog is showing signs of stress or are they fearful towards particular triggers? Give our YuCALM supplement a try and take advantage of our 6-week money-back guarantee.*