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5 ways your dog helps you when working from home

5 ways your dog helps you when working from home

Working from home? Some of us are lucky enough to be able to work in the comfort of our own home, amidst the current restrictions, which means our furry best friends get to spend an unprecedented amount of time with us – do you think they are wondering why we are home all the time? At YuMOVE, we are fully embracing being with our pooches every day and thankful to be able to feel the benefits of having them around in the current climate. To all the dogs out there, we thank you for providing us with these 5 BIG benefits when working from home:

Dogs are miracle stress relievers

It’s said that spending just a few minutes with your pooch can help lower your blood pressure, ease your anxiety levels and bump up levels of serotonin and dopamine - chemicals important for your well-being. So, if you are spending 24/7 with your dog, you should essentially be a picture of calm! When there’s a dog in the (home) office their presence has shown to reduce tension and help you perform stressful tasks more efficiently.

Cuddles with a Labrador whilst working

Isolation isn’t so isolating

They give us a reason to get up in the morning, all wagging tails and enthusiasm. Your dog’s need for a morning walk and all the things they depend on us for, help us to not just focus on our needs, and motivate us to get up and get on.

They are also great at giving unconditional love in all circumstances. Not in a great mood? No worries your dog has your back. Felt like you have made a mistake at work? No worries your dog has your back. Feeling lonely not seeing your family or friends? No worries your dog has your back. We all know the uplifting feeling of saying “walk?” in front of your dog or the joy they have when you return to the room you have just left. Your dog loves you regardless, acting as a great social support which is extra helpful in the current times.

Helping you when you are down or depressed

You rely on your dog and they rely on you. This relationship can help those with depression. Caring for your pooch and having them to focus on in times when you are cooped up working from home, can relieve feelings of depression or feeling down. It’s in times like these that mental health matters even more. Here’s a great example  when the presence of a pooch has really benefitted someone’s positivity

Pet productivity

A lot of us feel the need to be desk bound when working from home and to be as productive as humanly possible! But having your dog about the house reminds us to take short mental breaks. This could be as simple as letting them out in the garden for a quick tear around, having a short cuddle break or even a 10-minute game of tug of war. These short breaks help us refocus and can refresh our minds, ready to try and tackle the task we are currently stumped on.

Walking the dog in the sunshine

Brisk walks on your breaks

Working from home gives you the flexibility to use your one form of exercise a day to take your dog out for a walk during lunch. Again, this takes you away from your desk, reducing that desk-like tunnel vision and also encourages you to eat your lunch elsewhere. Dog owners walk more every week than non-dog owners, and we are all aware of the benefits of exercise on our physical and mental health!

Here is a selection of our pooches (mostly on lunch time walks) when working from home:

YuMOVE Staff Pets

How has your dog helped you adjust to working from home and social distancing? Let us know over on our Facebook community, by sharing your photos and tips for working at home with your dog.