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Lintbells, Home of YuMOVE Joint Supplements, Acquires Leading US Pet Mobility Brand, Walkin’ Pets

Lintbells, Home of YuMOVE Joint Supplements, Acquires Leading US Pet Mobility Brand, Walkin’ Pets

Lintbells, the home of YuMOVE – the UK’s no. 1 scientifically proven veterinary joint supplement brand* and official joint supplement of the American Kennel Club, has today announced the acquisition of leading US provider of pet mobility aids, Walkin’ Pets. The acquisition is part of Lintbells’ growth strategy in the US and represents a significant expansion as it continues its mission to give pets a more active life by making the most life-changing differences to cats and dogs around the world.

Walkin’ Pets was established by Mark Robinson in 2001 in Amherst, NH. His inspiration for the business was personal after his own dog, Mercedes, was put down before her time, after being diagnosed with canine epilepsy. It became his mission to build a company that offered a range of support products designed to extend an active and high-quality life to pets. Twenty years later, Walkin’ Pets is the leading US brand in pet mobility aids with a product portfolio that includes wheelchairs, harnesses and braces, and a superb reputation for innovation and quality care of pets and customers.

Lintbells, which already has a significant footprint in the US through its fast growing supplements business, plans to grow sales not only by expanding their newly acquired mobility aids business, but also introducing their market-leading* YuMOVE supplements to the Walkin’ Pets community. Outside the US, the Walkin’ Pets acquisition will open new markets for YuMOVE both in the UK and internationally, thanks to the US company’s global distribution network.

“The Lintbells mission and values align perfectly with Walkin’ Pets, so I’m delighted to welcome the brand and team,” said Fiona Hope, CEO Lintbells. “We both share a deep commitment to helping pets stay ‘active for life’ and are well known for the efficacy and science behind our products as well as the highest levels of customer care and educational support. Lintbells is an ambitious business, and this acquisition moves us into a completely new but aligned sector and supports our global growth strategy as we move towards becoming a global pet healthcare company.”

“When a company provides health and happiness to animals around the world it takes on a life of its own – it wants to grow,” said Mark Robinson, Walkin’ Pets Founder and CEO. “Walkin’ Pets, in partnership with YuMOVE, will reach so many more pets in need with exciting new products and services to improve their quality of life. I’m so proud of what this company has become and can’t wait to watch it grow.”

About Lintbells – Home of YuMOVE

For Lintbells, every product starts with a pet in need. Based in Weston in Hertfordshire, UK, YuMOVE researches, formulates, and manufactures high-quality, innovative pet supplements that aim to improve the lives of pets and people alike. It’s a commitment the company takes very seriously and has resulted in the creation of its popular supplements range.

YuMOVE is the UK’s No.1 veterinary joint supplement brand*, packed with unique ActivEase® Green Lipped Mussel and full of antioxidants. Its unique, scientifically proven formula aids joint development, supports active joints and structure, and promotes mobility.

Established in 2006 by John Howie and John Davies, YuMOVE has a strong focus on scientific validation of its products, working with experts such as the Royal Veterinary College, New Zealand’s Massey University and Marlborough Research Centre.

At all levels of the YuMOVE organization there is a realization that, collectively, everyone has a responsibility to help keep pets healthy and happy by providing effective, high quality pet supplements at affordable prices.

About Walkin’ Pets

Walkin’ Pets is the proven leader in pet mobility, with a 20-year record of helping to set miracles into motion. Walkin’ Pets products are designed to keep pets moving. Helping over 1.8 million pets to get back to what’s important, enjoying their family and living an active, healthier lifestyle. At Walkin’ Pets, we don’t make miracles, we just set them in motion. To learn more, visit