Joint care for dogs of all ages
Why YuMOVE is a great choice of joint supplement
What is Glucosamine and why is it important for dogs?

What is Glucosamine and why is it important for dogs?

When we first created YuMOVE we knew that one of the most common issues that dogs face as they grow older is joint stiffness. We’ve worked hard to formulate our joint supplements with the best blend of ingredients to deliver the most benefits to your dog.

Our mission is to help all pets live their most active life, for life. And one of the key ingredients that helps us do this in our joint supplements for dogs is Glucosamine.

What is Glucosamine?

It’s a chemical compound found naturally in the body in both dogs and humans! And as its name suggests it’s a blend of glucose (sugar) and an amino acid.

Our pooches need Glucosamine to be able to produce a molecule that maintains and supports their cartilage. Think of cartilage as a shock absorber in the body – it cushions your dog’s joints as they move. And boy do they move! Jumping, running, zoomies – all great fun for our four-legged friends, but always putting a strain on their cartilage.

Younger dogs produce enough Glucosamine naturally to keep their cartilage in the best condition to support their active lifestyles. With running and jumping their joints are strong and well lubricated – meaning more time for fun and play. But as our furry friends get older, they produce less Glucosamine, which means less cartilage to act as that shock absorber on their joints. This is when your dog can develop stiff joints.

Could stiff hips and joints be a problem?

Stiff joints can show up in a number of ways – if your pooch is lagging behind on their walks this could be a sign that they’re struggling with their joints. More frequent rests, difficulty getting up and being less willing to walk or play are all signs too. If this is the case it might be a good time to introduce a supplement that can help support your dog’s joints and keep them active.

Choosing the best supplement

There are lots of hip and joint supplements on the market – even for us humans. Glucosamine is a common ingredient that you might have heard of – but when it comes to our pups it’s important to choose one that is specially formulated just for them. Human supplements can contain ingredients like Xylitol that are harmful to dogs. At YuMOVE we use 98.8% pure Glucosamine from a stable, vegetarian source that is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) so you can be sure you’re giving your dog the very best.

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A range of benefits

The good news is that when you choose YuMOVE you can be sure that you’re giving your dog a joint supplement that supports their joints completely. So along with the high strength Glucosamine, we’ve added Manganese, and Hyaluronic Acid to help lubricate and cushion the joint. You’ll also find our ActivEase Green Lipped Mussel which contain significantly more levels of Omega-3 others. And YuMOVE promotes the natural replenishment of joint tissue, supporting cartilage, tendons and ligaments all whilst lubricating and cushioning your dog’s joints.

So if you’re looking to help support your dogs joint health and have any questions – just let one of our team know. You can call us on 844 570 3222 or email us – And make sure you check out our Facebook and Instagram – come say hi!