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Joint care for dogs of all ages

Joint care for dogs of all ages

From the playful puppy days right through to growing old gracefully, we’re going to take a closer look at joint care for dogs throughout their lives. To help you understand your dog’s joint needs at different stages of their life, we’ve put together our top tips to keep your four-legged friend’s joints happy and healthy with our YuMOVE range.

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Joint care for puppies – a fresh start

Adding a puppy to the family is an exciting time for all, and there’s no better time to look after your new puppy’s joints and well-being. Bear in mind that your puppy’s joints are still developing so you need to be careful not over-exercise them as this could cause damage. Rough play, jumping or play with larger or older dogs should be monitored to avoid any accidents or injuries.

Joint care for adolescent dogs – the teenage years

Dogs quickly become teenagers too, and when they lose those baby teeth and become an adolescent, just like human teenagers, they can be a bit of a handful. Dog breeds grow at different rates, with a general rule that the larger the breed, the longer it will take for their bones, muscles, joints and tendons to develop. So it’s key to remember that even though they are bigger they are still growing, they are still a growing pooch.

Rather than straining their growing joints, you could dedicate extra time to focusing on stimulating them mentally, using brain games, positive training and play. Spending time playing like this during your dog’s adolescent stage will really develop your bond with them.

Once you’ve made it through those turbulent teen years, it is time to make sure you are looking after your dog’s joints in adulthood. But this is where dog joint care differs further from active, stiff, and senior dogs we have to explore their type and make sure.

Joint care for active dogs – adventures await

Is your dog an active athlete? Does your pet enjoy dog-sports like CaniCross, Agility, or Flyball – or maybe adventurous treks and hikes? Though such busy dogs may not seem like they need joint supplements, it can help to support their active lifestyle and prevent painful problems down the line.

If you and your dog take part in sports then it’s important that you focus on several shorter training sessions rather than one intense stint. This puts less strain on your dog’s joints, reducing their risk of injury and stopping your four-legged friend from overdoing it. 

And don’t overdo it too early – too much too soon can put strain on their joints. The American Kennel Club only allows dogs of 15 months or older to compete in agility competitions. Though you can start gentle, fun training sessions from around 12 months old. 

Joint care for older dogs – senior and wiser

In older age, your dog’s joints will start to need extra support – just like us humans!  And there’s plenty you can do to make sure your old pal is getting the most from life. Although your dog may be taking it easy, it’s vital that you maintain daily exercise to help give them a good quality of life and stay at a healthy weight.

Shorter but more frequent walks on easier ground could help do this and taking supplements is a great benefit for joint care for older dogs. Our YuMOVE supplements could support your pooch if they are suffering from stiffness. And you can choose from Chewable Tablets, Daily Soft Chews and Joint Health Bites- so there’s a supplement that your pooch will just love.

Joint care for dogs who seem stiff – slow and steady

It’s important that you pay attention to your dog’s joints no matter their age. You should take care to notice if they start to lag behind on walks, sleep more, take longer getting up or are more reluctant to go for a walk or play.

If you do spot any of  these signs to clarify them with your vet, this way you can figure out the best way to support your young dog through advice or medication.

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So whether you’ve got a young dog or a more senior pup in your life, why not help to keep their joints in the best shape possible by trying YuMOVE. Our joint supplement is formulated for adult dogs and contains ActivEase Green Lipped Mussel, Glucosamine and Chondroitin. Dogs love the taste and we’re confident you’ll see the tail-wagging benefits real soon.

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