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Signs of stiff joints in dogs
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3 things to look for in a joint supplement

Have you noticed your four-legged pal slowing down on walks? Or maybe they’re less excited when say “walkies”? Well these are just some of the signs that your pooch might be getting stiff joints and hips. A hip and joint supplement is a great way to support your dog.

And just like human joint supplements, they come in various forms, with different ingredients. Read on to learn a bit more about hip and joint supplements for dogs and how to chose the right supplement for your furry friends.

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  1. The right kind of supplement

Typically good joint supplements for dogs will be Glucosamine based and often combined with an ingredient called Chondroitin. These two ingredients are the building blocks of cartilage, the material found covering the surface of bones and cushioning joints.

There are several forms that  joint supplements come in - liquid, granules, tablets, or chews and this can dictate the quality of ingredients found. Tablets, chews, or granules tend to be better quality as a liquid-based product mean a further breakdown of the beneficial ingredients, removing some of their effectiveness.

Depending on the type of product you buy, other ingredients added to these supplements include Green Lipped Mussel, Manganese, MSM and vitamins C & E. These are added to provide further support, soothe stiffness, and help encourage better flexibility.

Each of these ingredients will differ in amount and blends across different joint care supplements. So it’s best to do your research on the quality of ingredients, the levels of and type of ingredients.

  1. The right time to use a dog joint supplement?

There are several signs of joint stiffness in your dog, which can easily be missed or simply put down to old age. If you’ve noticed any of the below your dog, then joint support will help.

Is your dog sleeping more?

Dogs certainly love a snooze (up to 14 hours a day) especially after a long walk, or tearing around the local park. However, if you’ve spotted your dog sleeping a lot more it could be a sign that their joints are stiff.

Are those shorter walks taking longer?

Without obviously looking like they are stiff, you might have noticed that the normal nip round the block is gradually taking longer. It could be that you’re stopping and waiting whilst you wait for them to catch up too. This suggests that walking is becoming more difficult for your dog – they could be in need of a joint supplement.

Is your dog finding it difficult to get up after resting?

Have you begun to notice that when your dog gets up in the morning they’ve lost their spring out of bed. Or when they get to follow you to your back door they need more than one attempt to get up off the floor? They could even be slower to stand and this could suggest they would benefit from the use of a joint supplement.

  1. The right brand of supplement to use

YuMOVE is the UK’s no.1 joint supplement brand. We know dogs. And we’re passionate about helping as many of our pets live their most active life for life. We know that hip and joint stiffness is a real worry for you and your pooch – and our supplements are specially formulated to deliver the best benefits to your dog. And our range is proved to reduce joint stiffness in just six weeks.

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How can YuMOVE, the UK’s No. 1 dog joint supplement brand help?

Aids stiff joints

Our ActivEase® Green Lipped Mussel contains 4x more Omega 3 than standard, and is proven to sooth stiff joints.

Supports joint structure

Glucosamine, Chondroitin and Manganese support cartilage health, essential for mobile joints. Our Glucosamine is 98.8% pure and comes from a stable, vegetarian source that is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Promotes mobility

YuMOVE Joint Supplements contain Hyaluronic Acid that is proven to reach the joint within 2 hours, helping to cushion joints more comfortably. Antioxidants Vitamin C & E help to reduce free radicals.

Our range of supplements has something for everyone (or every pooch!) from Daily Soft Chews, to Chewable Tablets and Joint Health Bites.

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