Does your dog show any of the signs of stiff joints?

Does your dog show any of the signs of stiff joints?

What is your dog trying to tell you: Sleeping more? Having Difficulties Rising After Resting? Reluctance to walk, jump, and play? Lagging behind on walks?

Dogs of all ages can experience joint stiffness, it often occurs due to the natural ageing process. But don't worry there are some very simple steps you and your pet pal can take to help keep their joints in great shape. Below are those steps for pups of all ages.

Joint health at all ages

  • Focus on mental stimulation over rapid increases in exercise levels
  • Some large breeds keep growing until 18 months and may need extra joint care
Young dogs who need joint help
  • Talk to your vet. The sooner you know what’s going on, the better.
  • Try hydrotherapy for a low-impact way to support your dog’s joints.
  • Consider veterinary acupuncture, many vets recommend it alongside conventional medication.
  • Support their diet with a joint supplement like YuMOVE Soft Chews. This will help to aid joint health support joint structure and promote mobility.
  • Ensure they are on the right diet and for the breed and size – you can support them with a joint supplement if they need extra help
  • Avoid over-exercising
Older dogs
  • Consider ramps, extra soft beds and adapting your activity to ease the pressure on your dog’s joint
  • Change walks so your dog still enjoys them, such as shorter, more frequent walks or easier terrain.
  • Senior dogs often encounter stiffness due to the normal ageing process.and could benefit from a joint supplement, try YuMOVE Soft Chews – guaranteed to have results in 60 days.

Give them a lift

Love a snuggle with your furry friend? Be sure to avoid uneven jumps on and off the higher platform. Train them to ‘wait’ by the sofa or bed, then lift them up, and down again. The best way to lift a dog depends on how big your pooch is:

  • Small-medium – slide your dominant arm under the chest between the front legs, and tuck the back end between your arm and body as you lift.
  • Medium-large – put your arm behind their back legs, your other arm around the chest in front of the back legs, then hold your pooch against your chest as you lift. With larger dogs, remember your manual handling training – keep your back straight and lift through your legs so you don't stress your joints!
  • Very large dogs – get a ramp or step or use a board or bed (and a helper).
  • Oldie, heavy pup or needs extra joint support? – Treat them to a step or ramp. There are lots of different dog ramps available, and most pooches take to them very quickly. Get inspired with some of these DIY ideas, or head to a large pet store to try out different kinds with your dog.
Training your dog to use the ramp is easy – be patient and lure with treats. If you have a very nervous dog, start by just placing treats on the ramp, which can tempt them to step up and stand on the ramp for the first time, and once they get used to the sensation, they’ll soon take to it like a pro.

Ingredients and sourcing make all the difference

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Bag of YuMOVE chews

The naturally* tasty joint supplement

We’re really proud of YuMOVE Dog, and the difference it makes to joints and mobility. Because it’s made from fresh natural ingredients, it’s a naturally tasty way of supporting your dog’s joints.

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