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Scientifically proven*, and recommended by vets*, YuMOVE supports over 2 million dogs a year globally.* Made in the USA with globally sourced ingredients, we have the right joint supplement for your dog.

The YuMOVE Advantage

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Visible results in just 6 weeks*

Based on over 15 years of scientific research, we’re recommended by Vets* and loved by pets.

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YuMOVE Joint Care’s scientifically proven formula delivers results in just 6 weeks.*

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Support healthy hips and joints in your dog with YuMOVE Joint Care for Dogs.

Our joint supplements are already supporting over 2 million dogs a year globally* and manufactured in the USA.

Why your dog will love YuMOVE

As huge dog lovers, our job is to help you look after your pup in the best way possible. YuMOVE offer great benefits for your dog’s overall health and wellbeing, and will help to keep them happier, healthier and more active.

Helping dogs enjoy a more active life

Nothing is more important to us than keeping your pets active and happy. That’s why – supported by our team of veterinary experts and scientists – we’ve developed a range of dog joint supplements to help support dogs of all ages.

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Official Dog Joint Supplement

Brand of The American Kennel Club

It's not just Vets
who love us..

Our customers say

9 days ago

This is an amazing supplement that my 13 years old Chihuahua benefits from. I stop giving it to her for 2 weeks and I clearly see the difference, less energy and slow walking again. So this week we start to take it, good news is that I can see the difference in few days!!! The customer service is awesome as well. I highly recommend this company and products, I am a regular client without any link to the company. Don't wait!

4 weeks ago

My fourteen year old Vizsla is standing up straight and running around again. He likes his walks, playing with my daughters puppy, and things he hasn’t enjoyed for a long time. I have been giving him YuMOVE for two months. Just ordered another bottle.

6 weeks ago

This company is committed to quality and truly cares about results. They celebrate the success of the animals whose lives they improve and strive to do more and more. I am convinced this product has the potential to be super impactful for many pets!

4 days ago

Great product! Free loading dose provided is so helpful and ensures you see results. My 2 older dogs act like puppies again!

A day ago

I cannot believe the increase in quality of life for my 15 year old jack russell. I was skeptical of any supplement for joint issues to be honest but this seriously works. It does take the full 6 weeks (in my experience) for it to work but the results are excellent. We are hiking 2-4 miles 3 times a week again with no issues.

5 days ago

We are so amazed at how much your product has improved our dog’s mobility. He is 15 1/2 years old and after being on YuMove for 6 weeks, we see that he doesn’t limp any more. Our neighbors have even commented on this.

9 days ago

Thank you for everything! We love the products and my ten year old lab is doing great with the joint medication. She is so much more comfortable and energetic! Thrills me to see her so lively! I very much appreciate your excellent customer service. I wish all of the online and ground stores were as kind and efficient as YuMove!Thank you again!

6 days ago

My 14 year old dog could barely make it around the house and couldn’t make it up and down the stairs without help. With YuMOVE she goes up and down the stairs by herself and she has more energy.

9 days ago

I was glad to find joint supplement for my puppy. I wanted to start soon as I can, remembering my first rescue pup having joints problem later in her life.

33 days ago

YuMove has been a God sent for my Golden Retriever. She’s 14 and she can move around so much better. She runs, swims, gets up and down stairs and has my veterinarian baffled. At 12, my dog was so miserable and couldn’t get up, go potty, etc. I started her on YuMove and in 3 months, we could start seeing a difference. Her blood work came back better then it’s ever been. The ordering process is so easy and I love auto ship.