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YuMOVE are proud sponsors of the Mr. Mo Project!

If you’ve been aware of YuMOVE for any length of time, you’ll know that we have a deep, mission-driven commitment to pets’ wellbeing.

‘Helping every pet live their best and most active life, for life’ are our watchwords. With that calling in mind, we’re always looking for opportunities to help the world’s companion animals, not just through our great products, but also through our charitable outreach and contributions to worthy causes.

Today, we’re very proud to announce our charitable partnership with the Mr. Mo Project.

Older dogs in need – a national crisis

Older dogs are special in so many ways. They’ve accumulated a lifetime’s worth of memories and experiences. They’ve withstood the challenges of the years. And, in countless cases, they’ve shared the gifts of joy, love and laughter with the humans who’ve been lucky enough to be by their side.

The heartbreaking fact of the matter, though, is that too many older dogs across the US are in dire need.

Many are facing loneliness after the passing of an owner, or because their owner could no longer afford to keep them. Many others are living with untreated health conditions due to a lack of resources. Others spend their days and nights hungry and cold.

Even in the world of pet rescue and re-homing, puppies often get picked preferentially, while older dogs are stuck at the back of the line.

For the animal lovers of the nation, this is a crisis that needs an answer.


The Mr. Mo Project's mission – giving senior dogs a new lease on life

For Chris and Mariesa Hughes, the couple behind the Mr. Mo Project, the plight of older dogs isn’t just a distant problem. It’s personal.

While caring for their beloved senior dog, Mo, the Hughes household experienced the panic and heartbreak of expensive veterinarian bills, and the uncertainty over the fate of their canine companion that too many have to contend with.

In honor of Mo and his memory, Chris and Mariesa vowed to make a difference, and the Mr. Mo Project was born.

How the Mr. Mo Project makes a difference

Knowing that senior dogs and their owners often struggle due to a lack of resources, the Mr. Mo Project focuses on providing the support that makes all the difference. This includes coordinating and paying for the transport of senior dogs from all over the United States, recruiting foster families, and funding medical care. In fact, the Mr. Mo Project commits to paying all medical and vet bills for the dogs they support, for the duration of their lives.

Together with rescue affiliates, committed volunteers, and generous donations from Team Mo Sponsors, the Mr. Mo Project fights to save senior shelter dogs nationwide and to honor the life of their late namesake – the original, one and only, Mo.

How YuMOVE is supporting the Mr. Mo Project

In support of Mr. Mo’s outstanding charitable mission, we at YuMOVE are donating $20,000 towards the feeding, transport, and care of senior dogs in need across the US.

We’re proud to know that each dollar will make a tangible difference to the quality of life of an older canine and will help to give them the most precious gifts of all – hope, connection, and a new lease on life.

In addition to our cash donation, we’re also supplying the Mr. Mo Project with targeted pet care supplements from our range, including our highest strength joint care formula, YuMOVE ADVANCE 360.

With high-quality ingredients like our ActivEase® Green Lipped Mussel, which contains a range of Omega-3 fatty acids, our products can make a real difference to older dogs during their journey to a better life.

Head over to The Mr. Mo Project's website to learn more about their amazing work or go to YuMOVE & the Mr. Mo Project to learn about the partnership!