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Stiff doggy joints? Discover the magic of the mussel

Stiff doggy joints? Discover the magic of the mussel

Human, hound – meet mussel. Green Lipped Mussel, to be exact. It’s the star ingredient in our clinically proven* YuMOVE formula, and it’s kind of a big deal.  

Why try Green Lipped Mussel? 

Well, it’s true that this emerald-colored shellfish can be found in most joint supplements, because it’s got some brilliant benefits. Full of Omega 3 fatty acids, along with a bunch of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, Green Lipped Mussel (or GLM) is an effective joint-soother.  
But our Green Lipped Mussel is especially powerful, because we went the extra mile to find and source the best variety of it in the world, We didn’t stop there, either. We decided to extract it differently to everybody else, too. 

The YuMOVE difference 

It took numerous trips to New Zealand (the home of GLM) to identify the specific bay we wanted to farm our mussels in. And we only made the decision once we knew that the water quality here made for better quality shellfish, and when we were convinced of the best times of year to harvest.  

We spent a lot of time ironing out how to get our mussels from farm to factory in the quickest time possible. And we perfected a revolutionary vacuum extraction method, which takes our Green Lipped Mussel from a liquid to a powder in just 60 seconds, with absolutely no use of heat. 

The result?  
A much fresher, much higher concentration of those all-important, joint-nourishing Omega 3s. And a Green Lipped Mussel that’s substantially stronger* than competitor varieties.  

Because of all that, ours has been given a name that you won’t spot elsewhere – ActivEase® Green Lipped Mussel. ActivEase® is our promise to you. A promise that we can offer your dog a superior ingredient to everyone else. We plop an entire ActivEase® Green Lipped Mussel into every YuMOVE Joint tablet, capsule and chew.  

So far, we’ve helped more than 2 million dogs get their mojo back*. See the difference for yourself and show your hound the magic of the mussel.  

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