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Puppuccinos, to give or not to give?

There’s just no doubt about it, the world’s definitely started to cater for dogs who like a touch of luxury. Between boutique grooming services, gourmet meals, and high-quality wellness supplements like YuMOVE Joint Care, the modern cultured canine has a lot to look forward to.

It turns out that coffee shops are getting in on the action, too. Fortunately, no one’s giving boisterous pups espresso shots (we hope), but caffeine-free Puppuccinos are all the rage. The question is… should you actually give them to your dog when you pop in for your latte?

Let’s take a look.

So… what actually is a Puppuccino?

‘Puppuccinos’ seem to have started life in 2015 as a secret Starbucks menu item. But while the name may be intriguing, there’s no top-secret recipe here (and certainly no caffeine). The Starbucks Puppuccino is actually just a small cup filled with whipped cream for your dog to enjoy.

Of course, while the Puppuccino name may specifically be a Starbucks thing, the idea of dog-friendly drinks and treats is exploding in popularity. It’s now possible to find various homemade ‘Puppuccino’ recipes online, with different ingredients ranging from frothed up low-fat milk with cinnamon, to pumpkin purée, soy milk and ginger, and more.

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Is a Puppuccino safe for my dog?

It’s quite well known that certain human foodstuffs are toxic to dogs and can cause serious (sometimes even fatal) health issues.

Chocolate, for example, contains the stimulant theobromine (highest in dark chocolate) which is toxic to dogs. In extreme cases, theobromine can even cause dogs to suffer from kidney failure.

In terms of outright toxicity, you don’t need to worry about the standard Starbucks Puppuccino, aka whipped cream. Dairy isn’t inherently toxic to dogs, unless they’re allergic. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right for your dog, or the kind of thing they should have too often.

The fact is that, just like us, many dogs are lactose intolerant. This means they won’t be able to properly digest dairy products and will experience gas, bloating, diarrhea, or discomfort after consuming them.

Dogs with a lactose intolerance may still be able to enjoy small amounts of dairy without experiencing issues. Just keep an eye on them and see how they’re reacting.

Are Puppuccinos nutritious?

While Starbucks doesn’t officially list nutritional info for the Puppuccino, it’s no secret that the calories in whipped cream overwhelmingly come from sugar and fat (largely saturated). Whipped cream also doesn’t contain much in the way of vitamins and minerals, and has no fiber content.

In other words, the official Starbucks Puppuccino isn’t a nutritious snack for your four-legged friend. Of course, certain homemade spins on the Puppuccino concept can be much more nutritious, so don’t be afraid to experiment with dog-friendly ingredients like ginger.

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Final verdict: a tasty occasional treat (if your dog tolerates it well)

When all’s said and done, the Puppuccino is a pretty innocent treat for the special canine in your life. It’s not toxic to dogs like some other foodstuffs, but you still need to be a bit cautious, since there’s a good chance it could cause your pup digestive issues and discomfort. Especially if they’re lactose intolerant or they eat too much in one go.

The Puppuccino also isn’t about to win any prizes for its nutritional value – unless you’re whipping up your own homemade doggy-superfood version.

So, should you give your dog a Puppuccino from time to time? Sure. If they tolerate it well and you don’t overdo it, it may add a little bounce to their step and make everyone’s day a bit brighter. It’s all about striking the right balance.

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