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Keeping your dog calm during fireworks

Everyone loves fireworks, right?

Whether it’s Independence Day or New Year’s Eve, there’s something awesome about seeing colorful explosions lighting up the night sky.

Unfortunately, these dazzling spectacles can be a nightmare for our dogs. With their super-sharp hearing and sense of smell, firework displays just mean terrifying noises and strange, overpowering smells.

Try these tips for keeping your dog calm and happy the next time the neighborhood’s celebrating all around you.

Turn your home into a safe den

When dogs are scared, their first instinct is usually to run. Sometimes, that means panicking pups flee outside when fireworks start. Unfortunately, this only makes things worse.

To help your dog feel secure, try turning your home into a safe den. Begin by closing all your external doors and windows. Then, fill a section of your home with pillows, toys and treats.

Let your dog roam between a couple of rooms so they don’t feel trapped.

Shutting the drapes can also help to keep your furry pal from being frightened by sudden, bright flashes.

Dog watches TV with family

Introduce some fun distractions – like cuddles, TV shows and music

When tensions run high, distraction can do a world of good. So, give your dog something else to focus on other than the noise from outside, by brushing, petting and playing with them.

It’s also a great idea to leave the TV or radio on. This helps to drown out the sound of the fireworks and makes those sudden loud “bangs” less jarring to canine ears. We’re also pretty sure that pups love a TV show with a complex storyline to chew on.

Calm, classical music can do a lot of good for cultured canines, too. It can help them relax while taking their minds off other things. And who knows? It could even get them to bark on key.

Keep calm and carry on

Dogs are really perceptive. They easily pick up on the energy of the humans around them – which, if anything, is why they’re so easy to bond with.

Every dog owner intuitively knows that their own mood will affect the mood of their four-pawed pal, but there’s also scientific research showing that dogs get stressed if they see humans crying.

Although a firework display may not make you cry, it’s important that you don’t let yourself get upset or agitated around your dog in general, when they’re already scared. Keeping calm, and doing things to lift your own mood, will help to reassure your stressed pet that everything’s fine.

Thoughtful dog outside

What to do if your dog still seems anxious?

If you’ve tried the tips in this article and your dog still seems on edge, here are a couple of extra suggestions…

Give your dog a soothing supplement

Sometimes, a calming supplement can be the difference between a stressed canine at the end of their leash, and a blissed-out dog with an aura of unshakeable peace.

Our YuCALM Soft Chews, with scientifically proven ingredients, can help to enhance your dog’s calm during firework-heavy nights and busy days alike.

Check in with your vet

If your dog is chronically stressed or anxious, and the advice in this article doesn’t seem to be enough, it’s a good idea to check in with your veterinarian.

During a consultation, your vet will be able to assess your dog’s emotional state and refer them to an animal therapist or behavioral coach if needed. They can even prescribe anti-anxiety medication if they deem it necessary.

Does your dog get anxious when there are fireworks nearby? If so, why not give them YuCALM Soft Chews, with scientifically proven ingredients that help to soothe stressed canines? Try them today!