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Gift giving for our dogs - for the Holidays and beyond

Gift giving for our dogs - for the Holidays and beyond

Is there anything better than gift giving for the Holidays? Or a 'just because' gift? And even better is giving your beloved pooch a treat. So why not gift them something that’s practical and fun ? We’ve picked a few of our favorite gifts and games for our four-legged friends!



1. Interactive puzzle – Outward Hound Twister Toy



                       Toys for dogs

One for those expert problem solvers, this puzzle provides hours of fun and mental stimulation for your dog. If you have a dog that can be deemed to be over excitable, something that could increase over Christmas, this puzzle should keep them away from destructive behaviour and focus them on some fun. Well-built and easy to clean.  This is a great toy for those problem solving pooches. If your four-legged friend gets a bit over excited during the Festive period this should keep them entertained.



2. Portable dog water bottle - COTOP Portable Dog Water Bottle 350/550ml




                            Water bottle for dogs





Do you have a pampered pooch? This gift is awesome for those who like to have some pamper time. This brush helps get rid of dead hair and excessive fluff – and using it regularly could help with your pooch’s circulation! Shiny coat, less shedding? Sounds like a winner to us.







                      Dog grooming brush 





4. Puppy chew toy selection – Puppy Chew Toy Pack




                          Puppy toy pack

This year a lot more of us now have puppies. Puppies and all the wrapping paper, décor and lights aren’t always the best combination. This selection of chew toys should provide enough stimulation and an opportunity to chew, safe, durable toys, to distract them from chewing your home. They also give you even more of a chance to play and interact with your pup over the festive period. Good for dogs that are teething.



5. Light-up collar – Illumiseen LED Dog Collar

                       Dog wearing light up collar


Dark evenings and darker mornings lend themselves to not being able to see your pooch at a distance. With this collar you’ll be able to spot them and have peace of mind when out and about, crossing roads or in low light areas. This collar is lightweight and water resistant, and USB rechargeable.

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