Ways To Be Healthier With Your Dog In 2019
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Helping make Blue Monday brighter while staying active with your dog.

Helping make Blue Monday brighter while staying active with your dog.

If you and your pooch wake up on 21 January feeling as flat as three-day old champagne, you’re not alone. It’s Blue Monday, officially one of the most miserable days of the year.

Where did all the glitter, sparkle and treats of Christmas go?

By 21 January, the fizz and fireworks of New Year’s Eve are a distant memory, Christmas has left a bulge around your waist and a dent in your bank account, and pay day feels like it’s a million miles away.

It’s enough to make you want to crawl back under your duvet and hide there till Spring.

Don’t give in to the duvet

But wait! Don’t give in to the lure of the duvet just yet. Step away from the sofa and those leftover chocolate coins and pick up the dog lead instead.  

Here’s why.

  • Exercise makes us and our furry friends feel good. Every step we take floods our systems with endorphins, the happy hormones, and apparently dogs get a ‘runner’s high’ too.
  • Just put on your coat and your dog hurtles full-pelt towards the door, tail wagging wildly. That kind of enthusiasm is infectious. How could you even think of going back to bed?
  • There’s nothing like a good walk to take your mind off your worries. Meanwhile, your four-pawed friend gets to explore all those fascinating sniffs and smells.

Happy human, happy hound

As well as banishing the January blues, a walk does wonders for your relationship with your dog. In our recent Happiness Survey, over two-thirds of Lintbells customers said that nothing makes their dog happier than being with their people.

68% of Lintbells customers said their dog is happiest when they spend time with their owner / family

You’re happy because you’re out in the fresh air with the world’s best dog. (You might be biased. But you’re also right.)  Your dog’s happy because they’re hanging out with you, the world’s best human. To look at it scientifically, you + dog + exercise = happiness all round.  

Has your dog gone off their walks?

But what if your dog is suddenly less keen than normal to get up off their bed? Perhaps you’ve noticed them slowing down and trailing behind you, rather than running ahead or trotting by your side. Or maybe they’re not as interested as usual in jumping up to catch a ball.

These could all be signs that your dog has stiff joints that are causing them pain. And that’s going to make Blue Monday worse for both of you. Your dog will miss out on the joy of snouting out lost tennis balls in the long grass and you’ll be sad because your canine companion is suffering. Here are the top five warning signs to look out for.

Dog with stiff joints lying in the forest while on a walk

Five signs your dog has stiff joints

  1. Is your dog starting to lag behind on walks?
  2. Are they more reluctant to walk, jump and play?
  3. Is your dog sleeping more?
  4. Do they seem stiff or have trouble getting up after a rest?
  5. Are they looking uncomfortable?

For more information about the signs of stiff joints, we put together an all-encompassing guide.

Help your dog stay active

If you think your dog’s suffering from aching joints, YuMOVE can help. This is our high-quality supplement that’s trusted by thousands of owners, vets and veterinary nurses worldwide.

It all started with Charlie, the much-loved chocolate Labrador owned by John D, one of the founders of Lintbells. When Charlie was having trouble walking because of stiff joints, the Lintbells team searched the world for the best possible ingredients to treat the problem. They ended up creating a unique formula based on Green Lipped Mussels from New Zealand and high concentrations of Glucosamine, along with antioxidants and Hyaluronic Acid.

“Seeing the difference YuMOVE made to Charlie’s happiness, we set out to help as many pets as possible,” says John. “When people saw their four-legged friends run, jump and play again they were so excited they started sharing the news, helping to make YuMOVE the No.1 Joint Supplement in the UK.”

One YuMOVE tablet a day keeps joints mobile and supple

YuMOVE promotes mobility and lubricates and cushions your dog’s joints, so your canine pal will be out running and jumping again in no time.

Just add one YuMOVE tablet to your dog’s breakfast or dinner once a day. It’s clinically proven to work in just six weeks.

And Blue Monday? With a dog at your side, there’s no such thing.