Jumping, lifting, and dog joints - how to support your dog
Glucosamine for dogs

Glucosamine for dogs

One of the most common challenges older dogs struggle with is joint stiffness. Just like us, they are prone to stiffness as their bodies age. To some extent these symptoms can be relieved by encouraging exercise, keeping a dog warm and dry, and keeping them at a healthy weight. But often some form of dog joint supplement can help support joint health and keep the dog comfortable.

Supplements for supple joints

The most popular supplement chosen by dog owners to support joint stiffness is dog glucosamine. Glucosamine can be used to support the joints and help keep a dog's tendons and ligaments mobile in the long term. Supplements containing glucosamine for dogs can be used to help with joint stiffness and wear on the structure of the joint in normal ageing dogs but also in especially active dogs and working dogs. A lot of exercise takes its toll on a dog's body, but dog glucosamine can be used not only to support hard-working joints while they work but also help repair them afterwards. Owners of active dogs could benefit from incorporating glucosamine into their existing diet at an earlier age. Standard supplements which combine glucosamine with other ingredients for dogs are available in pet shops, through a veterinarian and online. It is important to choose supplements containing glucosamine HCl as this is the purest form.

Give your dog more than just glucosamine

Advanced mobility supplements such as YuMOVE include additional beneficial ingredients such as manganese, green-lipped mussel and hyaluronic acid, providing all-important omega 3 oils that are great getting a stiff dog moving again. High quality salmon oil for dogs, can also help.

Choosing supplements that include glucosamine for dogs might seem extreme, but it works just as it does with humans. Whereas a young person's body generally produces all that it needs for joint health on a standard or even poor diet, an older person is much more likely to take supplements such as vitamins, minerals or oils to support their health. And like humans, dogs who show joint stiffness need to be kept comfortable and encouraged to remain mobile.

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