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5 tips to keep your dog active in old age

5 tips to keep your dog active in old age

We’ve put together 5 simple tips to help you keep your dog active as they age- read on to find out more.

1. Give them a helping hand

It might sound simple, but it’s the little things that go a long way. Help your grown-up-pup make their way up the stairs or onto the sofa if they’re having difficulty (and if they’re allowed!). It also might be worth considering buying a ramp or a little set of steps to help out them.

2. Keep up the exercise

As dogs age, it’s normal for them to become a little slower, but it’s still important to give them regular exercise to keep them healthy and happy. Mental exercise is beneficial too - they’ll still like to play, and a dog is never too old to be taught new tricks! Try ‘treat or toys’ that encourage and reward play, brain games and even hide and seek! Swimming is also a low impact activity and helpful for dogs recovering from injury, or those with significant stiffness.

Old dog

3. Adapt

Keeping your dog active in old age can be simple and fun with a few small changes. doesn’t have to be difficult, and usually just requires small changes. Your walks might need to be shorter but more frequent, and finding a route that’s flatter can help to make things much easier for your four-legged friend to navigate.

4. Adjust their diet

Did you know older dogs need different nutrients to young, active pooches? So your dog’s dietary requirements will change as they grow older. Speak to your vet to understand when your dog moves into a ‘senior life stage’, this varies depending on a dog’s breed and size.

5. Support their joints

Just like us humans, dog’s joints can become stiff at any age. Luckily, we’ve worked on  joint supplement specifically for canine friends. YuMOVE Soft Chews work in just sixty days*. Not only does it ease joint stiffness, but also promotes cartilage development and maintains joint mobility. YuMOVE is a great option to help support joints before they show signs of stiffness too. Find out more about YuMOVE, click here.

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