YuMOVE partners with the Mr. Mo Project

“YuMOVE is the perfect partner for the Mr. Mo Project as they will help us to expand our reach and care for many more senior dogs across the county,” said Chris Hughes, Founder, the Mr. Mo Project. “Most senior dogs have mobility concerns and YuMOVE will help them become more active as they continue their journey to a new home with a new loving family.”

Who is the Mr. Mo Project

The Mr. Mo Project is a nonprofit that rescues senior dogs from shelters nationwide so they can live out their lives in a loving home setting. The Mr. Mo Project coordinates the transport for the dogs across the U.S., recruits foster families for them, and provides ongoing support by being a partner in the dogs’ care. This includes paying the medical and veterinary bills for the duration of the dogs’ lives.

Chris Hughes, Founder of

the Mr. Mo Project

"Founding and running a senior and special needs dog rescue, we know how important mobility management is. We also happen to be the parents to 16 senior and special needs dogs in our house and have seen firsthand the amazing results and long-term benefits from using YuMOVE within our own house. YuMOVE is the first partnership we have ever entertained, and we are so excited that the dogs in the project will get to use this fantastic product indefinitely”