Supplements for dogs

Supplements for dogs

What are dog supplements and how to know which one is the best?

As loving dog owners, we want to make sure our dogs have the best quality of life and are able to get on with being their bouncy, wagging, happy selves! We pay attention to their diet, exercise and regular vet check-ups to make sure they’re in peak form every day. And that’s why we developed YuMOVE Soft Chews, a natural, premium joint supplement for dogs made with the finest natural ingredients that help to keep your dog on the move.

What are the key things to consider?

We think it’s important to compare supplements using these three important questions:

  1. Are the ingredients natural? High quality natural ingredients are a good way to ensure your dog is getting a healthy supplement as well as a proactive one.
  2. Have the supplements been tested? We’d always advise that you choose a reputable supplier who has taken the time to ensure that their supplements meet their claims.
  3. Will your dog like them? Choose supplements that are easy to give to your dog – and preferably tasty so that they will wolf them down!
    We’ll expand on these points now, to help you make the best choice for your dog. We know that every dog is special and unique – and so they need the supplement with the right blend of ingredients for their needs.

The trial set-up

How was the trial set up? The trial tested YuMOVE, a canine joint supplement containing Glucosamine, Green Lipped Mussel, Hyaluronic Acid, Manganese, Vitamin C and Vitamin E, against an identical looking placebo tablet.

40 client owned dogs of various breeds, cross-breeds and sexes participated in the trial. All dogs had a history of joint difficulty and stiffness with reduced mobility that was visible on clinical examination and with radiographic evidence.

Method: The dogs were randomly assigned to either Group A or Group B with twenty dogs in each group. For the first 6 weeks, Group A received the trial treatment and Group B received the placebo. For the second 6 weeks the groups were switched.

Both the evaluators and the owners were blinded as to which treatment the dog received. Dogs were withdrawn from the study if any change in medication was required, an adverse reaction occurred, the owner did not comply with the study protocol or if the owner requested withdrawal from the study. The use of any accompanying treatments was recorded for example antiparasitic drugs, or NSAIDs.

Rigorous testing

It might be tempting to go for the cheapest supplement on the market, or the one with the snazziest sales pitch, but when it comes to the health, happiness and wellbeing of your favourite pet, you’ll want to take as much care over selecting the right supplement as you would if you were taking them yourself.

YuMOVEis guaranteed to work in just 60 days, although our customers often tell us they see results much sooner than that! Good quality joint supplements can support long-term joint health and soothe existing joint stiffness.

It’s really important to us that the ingredients we use, the advice we give and the things we say are all for the benefit of your dog and you – helping you to understand the benefits of well-formulated and tested supplements.

Easy to give

We often hear from customers that one of the many reasons they like YuMOVE Soft Chews for their pet is because they like the taste. We’ve all been there – trying to feed tablets or capsules or paste to a very unwilling pooch. So for us, one of the clear benefits of a good joint supplement is that it’s tasty and easy for your dog to swallow. We’ve developed YuMOVE as a tasty chew, enjoy giving the best joint supplement to your dog. You can give these separately or in their food, helping to make sure that they get the joint support they need without any unnecessary fuss.

Why not take a look at the YuMOVE Soft Chews for dogs to find out more about the potential benefits for your dog today?