Lady with dog at rescue centre

YuMOVE To The Rescue

Every year, across the U.S., 3.3 million dogs enter shelters, where dedicated staff do an amazing job in caring for these animals and trying to find them new forever homes with families that will love and look after them.

However, senior dogs, or those with physical or mobility problems, are much less likely to be adopted. A study by Texas Tech University shows that potential adopters are drawn to dogs that are playful. Therefore, they might be less interested in a dog that is older or that has trouble jumping up and playing with a toy.

Getting rescue center dogs moving

We wanted to do something to help aging, less mobile shelter dogs to be more active and comfortable, and to enjoy a better quality of life. So we launched our Get Moving campaign, where we’re sharing YuMOVE products with over 400 animal shelter homes.

With its combination of ActivEase Green Lipped Mussel, Glucosamine and naturally occurring Chondroitin, the YuMOVE range of supplements is clinically proven to aid stiff joints, help mobility and support joint structure.

It’s just the thing to give tail-wagging results for older, stiffer dogs, as two founders of animal rescue centers have recently discovered.

Refuge and love for senior shelter dogs

Elfie Rodriguez first became interested in caring for the canine community when she worked as an employee at a pet shelter, and found herself drawn to the senior dogs that no one wanted.

“Many of them were in the last stage of their lives,” Elfie remembers, “and I just wanted to make sure that their time was wonderful.”

That’s when she decided to form Elfie’s Refuge, a shelter in central Florida she describes as “a place in the country where dogs can run and play outside and be happy and loved”. Here, senior dogs enjoy a five-acre shelter space with abundant areas for living and playing.

‘Old gal’ acts like a puppy

Given the large number of dogs with age-related mobility issues in her care, Elfie was immediately interested in YuMOVE’s Get Moving campaign.

She first tried YuMOVE on Lizzo, a Terrier mix, and was overjoyed at the results she saw after only a couple weeks.

Lizzo’s impressive transformation after taking YuMOVE

The ‘old gal’, as Elfie affectionately refers to Lizzo, could only move with the greatest difficulty before being introduced to YuMOVE, but was soon acting“like a puppy” again.“The results were just amazing!” says Elfie.

Ginger runs and dances again

Since that successful initial trial, Elfie has given YuMOVE to several other dogs in her shelter, including Ginger, a senior Lhasa Apso.

“Ginger couldn’t even go up the one very low step from the patio to inside. It’s wonderful to see her running and dancing. I know life is good for her again now,” says Elfie.

Ginger rediscovers the joy of movement

Get Involved with Get Moving

We’re asking our community to nominate their local shelters to be a part of the campaign. We want to support as many shelters as we can, and pledge to donate YuMOVE to at least 100 more shelters that support senior dogs in 2020.

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Helping senior dogs at a Texas hospice

Meanwhile, some very special dogs in Texas have also been making the most of YuMOVE.

Elizabeth Cole, Executive Director and Founder of Lizzy’s Animal Hospice in Austin, is committed to providing refuge to dogs that have nowhere else to go. She started the shelter as a way to provide a home environment to vulnerable family pets.

Elizabeth says,“My goal was to open our door wide to dogs that might have been neglected, less mobile, terminally ill or homeless. To provide a comfortable place for disadvantaged dogs is a blessing in my book.”

Harley’s story

One of those dogs is Harley, a three-year-old Terrier mix who was hit by a car, fractured his pelvis, damaged his hips.“By the time he arrived at our hospice, it was too late for surgery and almost too late for Harley,” Elizabeth recalls.

“As he recuperated, he put more weight on his front legs to compensate, which left him with severely arthritic elbows that could not be surgically repaired, but at least we got him walking a bit.”

When Elizabeth heard about YuMOVE’s Get Moving campaign, she saw it as an opportunity to help Harley improve his mobility and quality of life.“He was walking like an old man, and I was determined to help him any way I could,” she says

Harley’s walking is improving day by day

Harley has been taking the supplement for several weeks now and Elizabeth is optimistic about his recovery.

“I can tell that Harley gets up and down from resting with less of a struggle and is walking better, and I look forward to the prospect of greater improvement,” she says.“YuMOVE has given him much-needed mobility and freedom while he waits for his forever home.”

Please share your rescue stories

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