Get Moving with YuMOVE

Get Moving with YuMOVE

Helping America’s Rescue Dogs

Every year, 3.3 million dogs enter shelters throughout the U.S.. When choosing a dog to adopt, owners consider age and playfulness as key determining factors.* This puts older and less mobile dogs at a disadvantage.


Older dog sleeping on a rug

As part of our mission to keep pets ‘active for life,’ we’ve launched our GET MOVING campaign, designed to help aging and less mobile shelter dogs become more comfortable, active and enjoy a better quality of life.

We’ve already reached over 400 shelters across America, each housing dozens of dogs, offering our scientifically-proven** vet-recommended joint supplement YuMOVE to help ease stiff joints and improve mobility.

Here’s a spotlight on our shelter dog progress: 

  • Elfie’s Refuge in Tampa, Florida gave YuMOVE to Lizzo, a senior Terrier mix, who could barely walk. In just 2-3 weeks, Lizzo was walking like a puppy again.
  • Lizzy’s Animal Hospital in Austin, Texas started Harley, a Terrier mix, on the product after a devastating car accident. Harley is steadily improving, day by day.
  • Cottonwood Ranch, Aspen, Colorado where Celebrity Trainer and Owner Ted Hoff gave YuMOVE to his 16-year-old German Shorthaired Pointer, Cabela, who was unable to follow Ted and his wife on daily bike rides. After 3 weeks, Cabela is again following them to the top of the hill.

Get Involved

We’re asking our community to nominate their local shelters to be a part of the campaign. We want to support as many shelters as we can, and pledge to donate YuMOVE to at least 500 more shelters that support senior dogs in 2020.

Nominate Your Shelter

In addition to providing product to shelters as part of the GET MOVING campaign, we’re sponsoring our GET MOVING contest that all dog owners can take part in. You can enter by commenting and sharing photos or videos of you and your dog “Getting Moving” on our social pages for the chance to win cool prizes, like activity trackers and senior dog care packs . Check out our YuMOVE Facebook page for more details.

Mobility Matters

And, there’s more. Dr. Chad Dodd, our YuMOVE consulting veterinarian, has tips to get you and your dog moving - watch this space!


*Weiss E, Miller K, Mohan-Gibbons H, Vela C. Why Did You Choose This Pet?: Adopters and Pet Selection Preferences in Five Animal Shelters in the United States. Animals (Basel). 2012;2(2):144-159. Published 2012 Apr 10. doi:10.3390/ani2020144   

**Study conducted by the Royal Veterinary College of London, UK