YuMOVE Soft Chews Bags Best Dog Supplement In 2018

YuMOVE Soft Chews Bags Best Dog Supplement In 2018

We are so pleased to announce that our signature YuMOVE Soft Chews was hailed the Best Dog Supplement in the market at the 17th-annual Pet Business Industry Recognition Award.

This is huge for us as we make our transition to the US market. We want to keep as many dogs active and healthy for as long possible, and it warms our heart to have our work validated not only by veterinarians and dog owners but also bagging accolades from awarding bodies like Pet Business Awards.

It took so many man hours to comb through hundreds upon hundreds of submissions to determine the best pet products per category including but not limited to: dog apparel, bowls, carriers, collar, leashes and supplements. We are  super stoked to come out on top!

As more and more products become available from online and brick-and-mortar businesses, it has become increasingly hard for dog owners to weed out the best pet products for their four-legged friends.  

What makes YuMOVE Soft Chews so incredible is that we made it for someone we held so dear. It is a product of love, care and compassion. Our journey started with our senior dog Charlie, who had joint stiffness due to old age. Our desire to help him brought us  to this moment.

YuMOVE Soft Chews is Charlie’s legacy and we are forever thankful to that beautiful four-legged soul who inspired us to improve the lives of dogs everywhere long after he’s passed.

We are incredibly thankful to be honored as a standout in the industry for our unique and effective blend in YuMOVE Soft Chews.

Thank you so much for your support! We promise to continue our journey in promoting healthy joints and cartilage in dogs all over the world!

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