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Spotting the signs of painful joint conditions in dogs

Spotting the signs of painful joint conditions in dogs

September is Animal Pain Awareness Month

And we want to help pet parents recognize the signs their four legged friend might be suffering in silence.

Animal Pain Awareness month was started by the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management (IVAPM) with the goal of helping more pet owners recognize and reduce the pain their pets might be in.

What is your dog trying to tell you? Spot the signs of stiffness.

Dogs love to be on the go. That’s why any loss of mobility soon affects their emotional and physical well-being. Research found that 75% of dog owners noticing the signs of stiffness, like changes in their dog’s walking pace and that their dogs run less than before, assume that it is  part of the aging process and just general ‘slowing down’*. Not realizing there is something they can do to help.

That’s why we’ve developed PAWS. It’s designed to help owners spot early signs of joint stiffness – and act sooner rather than later to get dogs back on track. May we encourage you to PAWS for a moment and check out your dog’s:

PAWS for the signs your dog is suffering with painful joint conditions joint difficulty: Posture, Attitude, Willingness, Slowing Down

A visit to the vet

Your vet can carry out a thorough examination to see what’s wrong. Many practices have specially-trained nurses skilled in managing care for older dogs. 

A healthier diet

If your dog is overweight, then their health, stamina, activity levels, mobility and quality of life can all suffer. Time to cut out the treats and get them back in shape. Try our dog exercise calculator for help. 

Activity schedule:

Little and often gentle exercise works well for older dogs. And it doesn’t always have to be a walk around the block. Many dogs enjoy pottering around new places to find new sights and smells at a slower pace. Mix their routine up now and then by staying in to play seeking games or try teaching an old dog new tricks to keep their brains active. You’ll find more ideas on our blog.

Your dog's home environment

Is your home as dog-friendly as can be? Slipping and sliding on modern flooring places unnecessary stress on your dog’s joints, so use mats, carpets and tape to give them the firm footing they need. Ramps and stair-gates can help make life easier too.

Could a hip & joint supplement help?

Dietary supplements can help with joint stiffness in older dogs –  that can be good news for their mobility too.

YuMOVE Hip & Joint Soft Chews: Eases stiff joints with ActivEase Green Lipped Mussel and  Glucosamine; Improves joint mobility to help your dog be more active every day; AND is helping 1 million dogs in Europe! The UK's No.1 Veterinary Joint Supplement

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